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I am passionate about landscapes and how they form. I help people develop an appreciation for geology and earth history by leading hikes and river trips, giving slide presentations, and writing books and articles about our planet.

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New 2nd Edition


 "Carving Grand Canyon" is now available in a fully updated 2nd edition! You can order a copy using this link

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Ancient Landscapes

 Awards for
"Ancient Landscapes"

2009 - Winner in the category of "Best Science Book in Arizona" by the Arizona Book Publishers Assn. 

2009 - 1st Place - National Association of Interpretation

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You can read about my many educational adventures, geological explorations, and random wanderings on my blog, Earthly-Musings. Some of my photography is also on display there.
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"Sedona Through Time" awarded
Best Science Book in Arizona (2011)

 Sedona Through TimeThe Arizona Book Publishers Association (ABPA) awarded Sedona Through Time the Best Science Book in Arizona for the year 2011. The award was presented at the groups' annual gala held at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. The award came on the the heels of an Outstanding Publication Award presented by the Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE) at its 2010  meeting in Victoria, British Columbia.

What an honor it is to receive these awards. The earth sciences seem to be unduly marginalized in our society as political polarization and sound bites serve as gateways of science misinformation to some. I desire to make landscapes and their interesting origins a source of inspiration and knowledge to those simply open their eyes to the beautiful world we live in.

"Sedona Through Time" is now fully updated in a 3rd edition with new text and new graphics, beautifully designed by Bronze Black. Since its first release in 1993 over 10,000 copies have been sold through two previous editions. It is the standard reference used to connect with the geology of Sedona. This edition has over 90 color photographs, numerous maps and diagrams, and contains dozens of colorful maps developed by Dr. Ron Blakey (and used in our book "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau)." Find out how to order this new book by clicking on the book cover above.


Awards for the 3rd edition of

"Sedona Through Time"

2011 - Winner of Best Science Book in Arizona by the Arizona Book Publishers Association

2010 - Winner of Outstanding Publication by the Association of Earth Science Editors

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Awards for the 1st edition of

"Carving Grand Canyon"

Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories, and Mystery, by Wayne Ranney2007 - Winner in the category of"Best Science Book in Arizona" by the Az Book Publishers Assn. 

2006 - 2nd Place from the National Assn. of Interpretation

2006 - National Outdoor Book Award - Nature and the Environment, Honorable Mention

2006 - Assn. of Partners for Public Lands, Honorable Mention

2005 - Southwest Books of the Year - Pima County Public Library


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Click here to read an article in the Prescott Courier about my writing and guiding career.